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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Seedballs Could Save Our Forests

🌱 Seedballs  🌱
Could Save Our Forests
World Environmental Day special This Seed balls Could Save Our Forests
We Need This Seed balls could be the answer to regrowing the 15 billion trees we cut down every year. Seedballs Could Save Our Forests

🌱How To Make 🌱
Seed Bombs or Seed Balls
Simple, Quick & Fun!
Seed bombs are a great way to wage war on that ugly vacant lot, your back yard, or even fields! A fun project for kids, and a great way to beautify the neighborhood one ball at a time. Guerrilla Gardening has never been so fun!

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Amazon reforestation:
73 million trees to be planted in tropical reforestation

BRAZIL - A project in the Amazon rainforest is using a new technique to plant trees in the largest ever tropical reforestation. Conservation International plans to restore 70,000 acres of land cleared for grazing with 73 million trees, Fast Company reported. 
The trees will be planted in the "arc of deforestation" that stretches across the Brazilian states of Amazonas, Acre, Pará and Rondônia, as well as the Xingu watershed. The planting method is called muvuca, which is Portuguese for a small place with many people. The muvuca method involves spreading hundreds of native tree seeds of various species over deforested land. 
Natural selection then allows the most suited trees to grow and thrive in a much thicker density than plant-by-plant reforestation. Plant-by-plant techniques usually have a density of 160 plants per hectare, while with muvuca, the density is 2,500 species per hectare. Scientists believe after 10 years, it could reach 5,000 trees per hectare.
🌱Seedball Making Machine 🌱
Developed by IdeinLab Architects Team
Seed ball making machine developed by my team in Bangalore. It can produce 9,000 seed balls. A seed ball is a clay ball made with soil and compost and a tree or shrub seed ball. When water touches the seed balls they will break open and the plant will sprout. 10% will survive. We plan to make a million seedballs and scatter in them in catchment areas near Mumbai. Wish us luck. 
🌱How To Make🌱
🌱Seed balls & Seed Bombs🌱
Mix 1 part dry powdered clay, 7 parts compost, and 1 part seeds. Then mix in 1-2 parts of water, adding it slowly until the consistency of dough. All units measured by weight. Seed bombs and seed balls are fun. A full set of instructions is available on our website at

🌱How to Make Seed Balls🌱
What's great about wildflower seeds is that you really don't need to sow them in formal rows in raised beds like I do with my vegetables. There are a lot of creative ways to plant flowers in your yard, and one way is by making seed balls.
Seed Bombs 101:
Learn how to make seed bombs at home
Please remember not to throw seed bombs onto private property without permission, and always use seeds from plants native to your area.

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