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Thursday, June 28, 2018


Heart-warming moment
Damian Aspinall's wife Victoria
Is accepted by Wild Gorillas
In June 2017 our Chairman, Damian Aspinall and his wife, Victoria, made a special trip to our project in Gabon to oversee the transfer of a young gorilla group from the sanctuary where they met, to our Gorilla Protection Project in the Batéké Plateau National Park. During their trip, Damian and Victoria met up with Djalta and Ima; two male gorillas from Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent, who made the journey back to the wild in 2003.

To find out more about our gorilla reintroduction projects and to support The Aspinall Foundation’s vital conservation work please visit:

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 Young Orphaned Gorillas:
See Their Adorable Bond With Park Rangers
National Geographic

At the Senkwekwe Center for mountain gorilla orphans in Congo, a handful of Virunga National Park rangers live around the clock with four juveniles whose parents were killed. The rangers see their families only every few weeks and are very close to their charges. Chief caretaker André Bauma along with his team have hand-raised the gorillas since they were first brought to the center. The first gorilla, Ndakasi, was found when she was just two months old, near the body of her murdered mother. Bauma cared for her like a human child—letting her sleep on his chest for warmth and bottle-feeding her to help build her strength. After that, three more orphaned gorillas joined "the family" at the center. Since no mountain gorilla orphan has ever been successfully returned to the wild, they will always depend on humans. To find out more about the heroic efforts to save the mountain gorillas in Virunga National Park, tune in to Explorer: Battle for Virunga, June 26 8/7c on National Geographic Channel.
Learn more about Virunga National Park and the rangers fighting to end illegal wildlife trafficking there:
Video produced and edited by Kathryn Carlson 

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Internet falls in Loves
With Smartphone-Loving Gorilla

Jelani, a silver-back gorilla at the Louisville Zoo's Gorilla Forest exhibit, has grown in popularity over the years for his fascination with smartphones. And he's already accomplished something many millennials dream of - going viral.

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