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Saturday, November 12, 2016

The DNA Journey - Playlist

Let’s Open our World!
The DNA Journey

 For almost a decade momondo has worked for
A more Open World
A Better World
We only have one world, but it’s divided. We tend to think that there are more things dividing us than uniting us.

momondo was founded on the belief that everybody should be able to travel the world, to meet other people, and experience other cultures and religions. Travel opens our minds: when we experience something different, we begin to see things differently.

To celebrate the colourful diversity of the world, we invite you to join The DNA Journey. We hope it will inspire you to explore your own diversity and discover how you are connected to the rest of the world.

We hope you’re curious to check it out and join in!

Our aim is to break down boundaries between people across the globe. For years we have put our energy into making travel easier, because we know that traveling makes us more trusting and tolerant towards other people, religions and nationalities.
Our purpose is to give courage and to encourage each and every one of us to stay curious and be open minded, so we can all enjoy a better world and a more diversified world.
Lets Open Our World
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