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Thursday, December 5, 2013

NYC Stop And Kiss Program

Mayor Defends NYPD's Controversial
Stop and Kiss
The outgoing mayor continues to stand by the police's 
routine kissing of New York citizens


The Onion released a new "report" spoofing New York's controversial "Stop and Frisk" laws, replacing the "Frisk" part with something equally invasive.
The spot-on parody features both police footage and tense debate on the subject, culminating in a quote from Commissioner Ray Kelly saying, "This is what post-9/11 police work looks like. Honestly, if we could kiss everyone in New York City, we would."
That's not as nice as it sounds.
Take a look at the clip and make sure to watch to the end for a laugh-out-loud teaser for the upcoming segment.

 Countries Fooled
"The Onion"

Both The Daily Banab Zamin and The New Nation (two Bangladeshi papers) picked up The Onion's story about Neil Armstrong finally being convinced that the moon landing was staged, not knowing the story was fake.
Congress Threatens To Leave D.C. Unless New Capitol Is Built

The Beijing Evening News printed parts of this article as fact, including a fake Dennis Hastert quote complaining that the Capitol "is no longer suitable for a world-class legislative branch. The sight lines are bad, there aren't enough concession stands or bathrooms, and the parking is miserable." No concession stands? But this is AMERICA.

Iran: The Fars News Agency published and tweeted this poll saying that rural whites preferred Ahmadinejad to Obama. The same poll also concluded "60 percent of rural whites said they at least respected that Ahmadinejad doesn’t try to hide the fact that he’s Muslim."
Kim Jong-Un Named The Onion's Sexiest Man Alive For 2012 

N Korea: By now everyone knows that the People's Daily published a 55-page photo spread of Kim Jong-Un because they believed that the Onion had seriously named him the "The Sexiest Man Alive." The Onion updated their article, chiding the paper by joking "exemplary reportage, comrades."

The Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera and the Norwegian paper Adresseavisen ran clips of this video as news.
The French soccer website published a photo and article about the only American soccer fan Brad Janovic under the headline "La solitude du supporter ricain."
USA Today says the website believed that this was an honest video. 

The Onion a satirical news site released a hilarious "report" that spoofed New York's controversial "Stop and Frisk" laws.

Renamed "Stop and Kiss," the report stated that New York City officers are able to kiss any and everyone on the street as part of their jobs.

Hilarious, right? 
Cue everyone on the Internet who apparently  
didn't realize that the video was a joke.
Amazingly, a lot of people believe the piece is real, as Gothamist pointed out. They’re commenting on YouTube, voicing their outrage and confusion:
  1.  NY got some shit going on with this stop-and-KISS program. Who in the TF thought of that wild ass shit????
  2. I may be Late .. but What is This NYPD STOP AND KISS PROGRAM WTF???
  3. I'm really confused about the NYPD stop and kiss program....
  4. New York wild af. Police doing a stop and kiss program. Lmao.
  6.  that stop and kiss program police in NY are doing is beyond my mental understanding. i still cant get my head around it, wtf is that?
Calm down, y'all. 

...and some comments from those who got the joke:
  1. Absolutely hysterical, thanks for the laugh. 
  2. It's nice to see New Yorkers kiss off the departing mayor's policies with humor.
  3. Nothing unusual. Go to any leather bar and you'll see 'cops' kissing guys all the time. :)
  4. ..and Indians and construction workers .  
  5. I have no problem with it.. just watch the hands. 
  6. I so picture Roseanne Roseannadanna when I see this 
  7. I wonder if the FDNY will roll out a new campaign ....stop, drop, and blow 
  8. I swear i thought this was real for 2 seconds! you never know what these cops can do.
  9.  As long as there is a strict "No tongues" policy.
  10.  Try it, might get you out of a ticket .
  11.  Seriously, if men don't want to get kissed by the police, they shouldn't be dressed like that.
  12.  Now that's a policy I can get behind....
  13.  Or in front of...I'm versatile.
  14. I'm going up to NYC next week. Let's hope the stop-and-kiss is still in effect. I'll be armed with some chap stick, just in case. 
  15. I want to invoke a citizen's stop and kiss on all the beautiful women walking in NYC. 
  16. So in further news, I'll be moving to NYC within the next 20 minutes. 
  17. Yes, the end is killer. Now, I have to take a cold shower. 

Literally Unbelievable
Stories from The Onion as interpreted by Facebook

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