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Friday, May 25, 2018

Birds Pool Party - Hummingbird

Birds Pool Party
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Hummingbird Pool Party 
Thirty Hummingbirds Partaking In a Peaceful Bathing Ritual Together 

Photographer wildwingsla captured absolutely amazing footage showing a charm of thirty hummingbirds partaking in their daily ablutions together in a bubbling bird bath. The photographer made particular note of the peaceful co-existence of the bathing birds, particularly since they are known to be a bit territorial.

A record 30 hummingbirds bathe together at one time during this morning’s wash! You’d never know they will be harassing each other in five minutes’ time…
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Bushtits Birdbath
Fall birds above Johnson Creek.

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LakmΓ© - Duo des fleurs (Flower Duet)
Sabine Devieilhe & Marianne Crebassa

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Bedlam in the Bird Bath

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Baby Owls in Bird Bath
After a day of 105 degree temps in Texas, these baby owls drop by for a cool drink and quick bath.

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Front Yard House Fountain Bird Bath
 w/ Squirrels 2014
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Hummingbirds Bathing
Community Bath with Goldfinches & Housefinches
Hummingbird Playground Fountain" by Sprink-L-ites

Hummingbirds love water watch these Anna's Hummingbirds bathing, with Costa's Hummingbird, Male Goldfinch, and Male Housefinch, all playing in and sipping from the water streams and splashing in the basin. Hummingbirds are like precious little clowns when dancing in the water streams or using the water like a treadmill and skimming across the shallow basin. The hummingbirds dance on the water, take showers, fly through the streams, even sitting on the water columns or using it like a bidet in mid flight. Watching the hummingbirds performing these tricks is most amazing. SUBSCRIBE and Enjoy these unique shows! or visit ( ) by Gary Hartz for "Hummingbird Playground Fountain" information.

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Bathing & Playing
Couple Anna's Hummingbirds bathing in the water stream and playing in the flower basin. Early morning sunshine, look at the shadow. These Hummingbirds bathing are like little clowns playing in the water.This fountain was designed especially for hummingbirds after watching them bathing in my sprinkler demo system. It took a couple years to come up with a reasonable solution using my exclusive Sprink-L-ites lighted irrigation system. The fountains are available in limited quantity and only hand made to order signed and numbered. The custom acrylic water spitters feature color changing LED illumination creating a beautiful nighttime display. The hummingbirds bathe and dance on the water streams. Sometimes the hummingbirds are using the water jet like a treadmill. The precious little Hummingbirds take showers, fly through the streams, and sit on the water columns using it like a bidet in mid flight. It is the most amazing watching the hummingbirds bathing in the early morning light. The actions of the hummingbirds is addictive. Subscribe and Enjoy the hummingbird shows! or visit by Gary Hartz for fountain information.

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Delibes: LakmΓ© - Duo des fleurs
(Flower Duet)
Sabine Devieilhe & Marianne Crebassa

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