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Friday, November 29, 2013

Benefits of Laughter

Benefits of Laughter
How Laughter
could Affect Your Health
Over the last ten years, many researches have studied the positive effects of laughter on the body. The research revealed many potentially interesting facts to us on how laughing can reward one’s health.
The blood vessels of those who watched comedies behaved normally and were expanding and contracting easily. 
In contrast, people who watched dramas were more likely to feel tense and thus the blood vessels restricted the blood flow.

Other studies were conducted regarding the effects on blood sugar levels when people with diabetes were shown either comedies or tedious lectures. After watching the comedies, the blood sugar levels of the group of people with diabetes had been lower but the blood sugar levels of the group of people with diabetes who attended tedious lectures tended to be slightly higher.
Decreased immune system response goes hand in hand with increased stress. Humor and laughter have seemed to raise the level of infection-fighting antibodies in the body and thereby boosting the levels of immune cells. That is a solid reason why laughter has been used extensively in therapeutic situations.

The other study concluded that people with a painful spine condition were able to feel two hours of pain-free relaxation or sleep just after watching a comedy for just 10-minutes. 

Therefore, laughter as well as humor can serve as a relief for pain.

So, whenever you are feeling run-down, why not you attempt laughing more? 

Your laughter will undoubtedly put spring back in your step and make you feel much better.

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