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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Thanksgiving Airspace - Timelapse

Thanksgiving Airspace
A 20 hour timelapse of US airspace taken from approx 2AM to 10PM EST on November 27th 2013.
The song: "Camping" - Detektivbyrån

The Yellow planes represent aircraft with ADS-B (live global tracking)
The Orange planes represent aircraft monitored by FAA tracking alone (slower rate of refresh)
The Red planes represent aircraft which have changed their Squawk Code (They can represent the loss of communications, a hijacking, or a general emergency)

If you want to see what other days appear like to compare this to a "normal day", I have two other videos made last year using the same website:
3AM-3PM EST December 7th, 2012 -
4AM-4PM EST December 8th, 2012 -

To make this video I used I had to make a Macro (I used AutoHotKey) to keep the feed active, and I used Camstudio-Recorder for the screen recording. If you are planning on trying this yourself you will want to set the Macro to refresh the screen at intervals that will never match your Recording, or you will end up with thousands of blank/loading screens.

Also, since this video is taking off so fast (bad pun), I want to list off the things I know are wrong with the video that I only noticed post-edit:
1: at 0:42 there is a typo, it should read EST and not PST
2: there are jumps in the video at 0:40, and 1:53.
These are cut points between the 3 main cuts of the feed that I had to make. 
I believe I can fix this error for future attempts.

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