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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Parov Stelar - The Sun * Lyrics

Parov Stelar
The Sun
(feat. Graham Candy)
(Official Video)

Marcus Füreder (born 27 November 1974) better known by his stage name Parov Stelar, is an Austrian musician, composer, producer and DJ. His musical style is based on a combination of jazz, house, electro and pop. He is known as one of the pioneers of electro swing.
He is married to Barbara Lichtenauer, better known by her stage name Lilja Bloom, and the two have created many songs together, including "Step Two" and "Coco."
Parov Stelar was among the first who produced electronic swing music in Europe. With his album Shine the BBC named Parov Stelar as one of the most promising producers active in Europe today.
His specific approach to music production, combined with a proven sense of sound aesthetics, led to a reaction from audiences and colleagues all around the world, giving him a reputation as the founder of a new genre: Electro Swing.
Graham Candy (born 1 April 1991 in Auckland, NZ), is a singer-songwriter and actor from New Zealand. In 2013 he moved to Berlin to begin his music career.
Candy’s first collaboration with German DJ and producer Alle Farben, "She Moves" (2014), gained him quick popularity with his quirky, high-range vocals, as well as his first gold single. He is currently signed with BMG Rights Management and the Berlin-based label Crazy Planet Records. In 2013, Candy also made his feature-film debut with a lead role in Queen of Carthage (released Fall, 2014), alongside Keisha Castle-Hughes and Shiloh Fernandez.
Parov Stelar - The Sun

Parov Stelar - The Sun
Transitions Lenses Commercial - Meet Yoon
LCAW Remix

Now I'm gonna tell my momma
That I'm a traveler
I'm gonna follow the sun
Don't stop, you got to move
Keep moving on, moving on
I'm gonna follow the sun.

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