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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Everything Old Is New Again
Everything Old Is New Again
All That Jazz (1979)
Ann Reinking directed by Bob Fosse
Song: by Peter Allen
Lady Florence Norman, a suffragette, on her Autoped
(motor-scooter) in 1916.
Yes, she is a suffragette, and yes, that is her scooter. English socialite and activist Florence Priscilla, Lady Norman, CBE was given this Autoped as a birthday present by her husband, Sir Henry Norman. She used it to travel to her office in central London.
Florence was following in her mother's footsteps in her active support for women's suffrage. Her CBE (Commander of the British Empire) came when she ran a hospital in France during World War I.
Kick scooters - a flat board on wheels with a long handle at the front, propelled by foot
- have been made for at least 100 years as toys for children. Florence's Autoped was one of the first examples of motorized kick scooters. Like a child's scooter, it had no seat.
Manufactured in New York and Germany by Krupps, the U.S. postal service tested the Autoped as a means of fast transport for its special delivery service. The foldable scooter was also reportedly used as a quick getaway machine by New York gangs, racing down narrow alleys beyond the reach of police cars.
1935 - “Built for use around the airports, this electric scooter attracted the attention of Amelia Earhart Putnam, famous aviatrix, and her pupil, June Travis, Warners player, the day Miss Earhart gave June her first flying lesson. Here are the pair about to go off on a scoot, at a twelve-mile clip.”

The Boy From Oz
Hugh Jackman
Original Cast Recording (2003)
Everything Old Is New Again
All That Jazz (1979)

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