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Friday, March 2, 2018

Kittens & Seniors Make The Most Adorable Pair

Kittens & Seniors
Make The Most Adorable Pair

PACC saving kittens with the help of seniors
In a new program designed to save pets’ lives, Pima Animal Care Center has partnered with residents from Catalina Springs Memory Care to provide bottle feeding, socialization, and love to kittens that have come into the shelter. 

New program has Pima County residents with memory issues caring for newborn kittens. Every year Pima Animal Care Center takes in roughly 20,000 animals, mostly dogs and cats. Newborn kittens can be problematic for any shelter because they need round the clock care and have weak immune systems. Residents at Catalina Springs Memory Care, along with staff, acted as a collective foster family for two kittens in a pilot project that will expand in the future. Project manager Rebecca Hamilton calls it “a perfect use of resources for the good of both.”
These Kittens & Seniors
Make The Most Adorable Pair
Did you know that new kittens need to be bottle fed every couple of hours? The problem is most shelters don’t have the man-power to take care of all the kittens’ needs! In order to solve this dilemma, the Pima Animal Care Center and Catalina Springs Memory Care Center are pairing up and both the kittens and the seniors are benefitting from it.

The Pima Animal Care Center solely relies on the help of foster families to care for new kittens. So, when two kittens were abandoned at the Pima Animal Care Center, they needed some help. Thanks to Catalina Springs Memory Care and their senior residents, these kittens are now being well cared for and will be completely ready for their forever homes.
The constant love and contact does not only benefit the kittens, but the seniors too. The Catalina Springs Memory Care center serves the needs of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other forms of memory loss. The contact with the kittens helps residents remember specific memories from their childhood, which is not easy for the patients at the memory center. 

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