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Friday, January 12, 2018

Racist Card

The Daily Show
Only two left on our card!
CNN’s Anderson Cooper fought back tears in an emotional commentary defending Haiti after President Donald Trump reportedly referred to the country as a “shithole.”

Anderson Cooper reflects on his relationship with Haiti and its people on the eight year anniversary of the devastating earthquake that hit the country following President Trump's comment calling Haiti a "shithole."

“Let me be clear…. the people of Haiti have been through more, withstood more, fought back against more injustice… than our President ever has” Anderson Cooper choked back tears as he reflected on his relationship with Haiti, and its people “Not racial. Not racially charged. Racist … The sentiment the President expressed today is a racist sentiment”

NY Daily News Cover
Sen. Durbin rejects Trump's denial of 's--thole countries' comments: 
'He said those hateful things ... repeatedly'

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