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Thursday, February 22, 2018

You Gotta Believe - Nina Paley

Nina Paley
You Gotta Believe
Nina Paley's new music video from her upcoming film Seder-Masochism
In this episode of Seder-Masochism, Moses is confronted by the Goddesses the Patriarchy is about to crush.

Directed Animated etc. by Nina Paley

The lyrics are extremely clear in some places and hard to decipher in others. At two points the Pointer Sisters sing, “why don’t you let the Wilson Sisters set you free?”  Who are the Wilson Sisters? Does anyone know? 

Here are the lyrics I’m confident are accurate

You gotta believe in somethingYou gotta believe in something
Why not believe in me? Why not believe in me?
You gotta believe in something You gotta believe in something
Why not believe in me? Why not believe in me?
Tell me brother, Take the chain off your brain
what have I, I, done to you I said,
To make you mean and treat me Take the chain off your brain…
the way you do? Stop.
Go on and raise your flag, Take a look at yourself…
Brother, Don’t (refuse??) something something…
Start your revolution. You gotta believe in something
I’m willing to let you do your thing, Why not believe in me?
Tell me why are you blind when it comes to mine? You gotta believe in something

Why not believe in me?….
“You Gotta Believe” written by Norman Whitfield, 
Sung by the Pointer Sisters, circa 1976

Pointer Sisters
Nina Paley (born May 3, 1968) is an American cartoonist, animator and free culture activist.
She directed the animated feature film Sita Sings the Blues. She was the artist and often the writer of comic strips Nina's Adventures and Fluff, but most of her recent work has been in animation.  Video
Free Culture Activism
Because of obstacles in clearing the rights to Hanshaw's recordings for the Sita Sings the Blues, Paley took active part in the free culture movement.
Copying is Not Theft'
by Paley
Our free culture anthem gets a fabulous arrangement by Nik Phelps. Vocals by Connie Champagne.
Animation and song by Nina Paley.
I took some liberties in this design. “Why all the boobies?” you may ask. Once upon a time, boobies were an object of respect, not shame and ridicule.
My goddesses have big, bare breasts to represent that mindset. Not that I think boobies should be worshipped; I’m not into biological fertility, and I’m not a “breast (wo)man”. Having breasts myself, I can say they’re kind of a pain in the ass (nor am I an “ass (wo)man”). But there’s so much shame around female breasts these days, I make ’em big and plentiful on deities to remind myself, and hopefully you, that the shame, discomfort, and anger they provoke is about patriarchy, not women’s bodies.  - Nina Paley

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