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Monday, December 18, 2017

Why do French People Sound French? 🍷 🧀🍾

Why do French People
Sound French? 
In this video, I explain why French people sound French 
when speaking English. 

I break down the accent features with the help of current French president Emmanuel Macron! (10 points to anyone who realised that the 2nd /p/ in "passport" is fairly unaspirated in English) 
Thanks to those viewers who have pointed out that Emmanuel Macron has "un cheveu sur la langue" in French. 

However, this really doesn't matter.
I teach many French students who hypercorrect and pronounce /s/ as /θ/ (and /z/ as /ð/) in English, and who don't have "un cheveu sur la langue". 

This video is simply a demonstration of potential pronunciation issues French people may have in English. Hypercorrection is a common issue and Macron illustrates this.
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