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Monday, October 28, 2013

Best Recipes To Make In Your Cast Iron Skillet

The Best Recipes To Make
In Your Cast Iron Skillet

Our cast iron skillets are some of our most prized kitchen possessions. Oftentimes, when we talk about what to do with cast iron, we're talking about what NOT to do. 
For a few of us, before we cook anything we think, "Can I do this in my skillet instead?" The answer is not always yes, but there are lots of great cast iron recipes that might be a little bit unexpected.
We pulled together a list of the 10 best things to cook in a cast iron skillet, in no particular order -- because ranking them would be impossible.

1  Cornbread
You can make cornbread in other cooking vessels, but we have no idea why you would.   
Get the Southern Cornbread recipe from Simply Recipes

2  Steak
Of course we love to grill our steaks, but that isn't always an option (sometimes you live in New York City). A cast iron skillet is the next best choice, uniquely capable of producing a salty, delicious crust.  

3  Roast Chicken
Whether roasting whole atop vegetables destined for a future bath in chicken fat, or spatchcocked and flattened into the skillet itself, cast iron loves roast chicken. So do your friends, make them one.  

4  Pizza
The even heat-conductivity and shallow, wide shape make your cast iron skillet a perfect pizza stone. Added bonus: if your pan is well seasoned it will make your crust crispy and caramelized.

5  Late Night/Lazy Morning One-Pan Egg Dishes
This is basically a quick creamed spinach with eggs baked on top. Perfect late night/lazy morning food, one dish, full of deliciousness.Get the Black Skillet Florentine recipe from Food52
6  Pies/Crumbles/Cobblers
All your pie plates occupied already? Never fear. Your cast iron skillet is here.Get the Skillet Apple Crumb Pie recipe from Food52

7  Lasagna

There is something about preparing a traditionally carefully layered dish like lasagna (or enchiladas!) in a cast iron skillet that promotes sloppiness and laziness. The great news is, laziness and sloppiness in this situation actually taste really good.

8  Dutch Babies
Hummingbird High - This giant, fluffy, oven pancake is one of the best ways to spend Saturday morning.Get the Dutch Baby Pancakes with Fresh Orange Sugar recipe from Hummingbird High High
9  Roasted Vegetables
Do you love crispy, caramelized bits on your roasted vegetables? Make more of them in a cast iron skillet!Get the Roasted Brussels Sprouts recipe from Simply Recipes

10  Brownies/Giant Cookies

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