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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fastest Lap Around Manhattan - Afroduck

Fastest Lap Around Manhattan
Afroduck - 2013

During the summer of 2013, a record was set for the fastest loop around Manhattan starting from 116th St. on the FDR heading downtown, up the Henry Hudson Highway, and back down to 116th St. in just 24 minutes.

Previous records were set by
  1. CBC with 26 minutes in 2010
  2. Alex Roy with 27 minutes in 2001

Fastest Lap Driver
Afroduck Arrested

 Police escort Christopher Adam Tang in to police central booking in Manhattan from the 25th pct. Tang is charged with mutiple charges in relation to a video taken from a vehicle that travelled the circumference of Manhattan in 24 minutes, violating many traffic laws including speeding and reckless driving. 

An anonymous man under the guise of Afroduck Productions circled the island of Manhattan in his BMW Z3, setting a record time of 24 minutes. 

He posted his video to YouTube only days later catching the eye of NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, who vowed to hunt down Afroduck.

Cops put the brakes Thursday night on the speed demon billed as “Afroduck” — the demented driver who videotaped his 24-minute, high-speed lap around Manhattan.

Christopher Tang, 30, was busted after posting an Aug. 28 YouTube clip capturing his wild joyride as he sped around the island in a 2006 BMW model Z4.
The suspect — relaxed despite his handcuffs — was brought to Manhattan central booking around 2 a.m. from the 25th Precinct by two NYPD detectives.

Christopher "Afroduck" Tang  has been arrested after he raced around Manhattan in 24 minutes.
Tang is charged with reckless endangerment, reckless driving, speed violation and traffic device violation, among other offenses.

Cops also took away the BMW — with a maximum speed of 155 mph — driven by the racing madman.
 The nut mounted a camera on his dashboard, which chronicled his 26.5-mile journey from the FDR Drive at E. 116th St. to Battery Park, and back up West St. until he reached his starting point again.

Members of the NYPD’s Highway District Collision Investigation Squad reviewed the video and collared the East Harlem man.

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