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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sagrada Familia is Almost Done

The Sagrada Familia
Almost Done

For the better part of a century, Barcelona has been grappling with the ruinous presence of the Sagrada Família, what was meant to be the city’s crowning monument. Of course, the basilica, designed by the famous Catalan engineer-architect Antoni Gaudí, is not actually a ruin but rather a construction site (and a bustling one at that). Millions of tourists visit the uncompleted church every year, yet much of what they see today will be altered when work concludes in 2026.

A new video, released by the Sagrada Família Foundation, illustrates what some of those changes might look like. Combining helicopter footage with computer-animated renderings, the structure’s final stages take shape before you eyes. Spires shoot up in succession, the central cupola rises into view, and the Glory facade—the church’s principal entrance as outlined by Gaudí—materializes out of thin air.  
2026 We Build Tomorrow
Construïm el Demà
Construimos el Mañana

[EN] Watch the development of what remains to be completed on the Sagrada Familia. Construction, started by the architect Antoni Gaudí in 1883, is expected to be finished with the completion of the Tower of Jesus in 2026.
[CA] Evolució del que queda per completar de la Basílica de la Sagrada Família fins al 2026. S'espera que el temple, iniciat per l'arquitecte Antoni Gaudí l'any 1883, acabi les obres amb l'aixecament de la Torre de Jesús.
[ES] Evolución de lo que queda por completar de la Basílica de la Sagrada Familia hasta el 2026. Se espera que el templo, iniciado por el arquitecto Antoni Gaudí en 1883, acabe las obras erigiendo la Torre de Jesús.



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