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Monday, May 14, 2018

Madonna and Child by F. Granacci

🌸 🌼 🌺 Happy Mother’s Day 🌼 🌺 🌸
Madonna and Child
by Francesco Granacci
Artist: Francesco Granacci (Francesco di Andrea di Marco) (Italian, Villamagna 1469–1543 Florence)
Date: ca. 1520

The composition of this picture seems to have been inspired from a sculpture in low relief, most likely by either Donatello or Michelangelo (Granacci had been a fellow pupil with Michelangelo in the workshop of Ghirlandaio.). However, Granacci has made the composition more pictorial by placing the figures in a light-filled room. Another version of the picture by Granacci exists and the same composition was treated by Bacchiacca (Linsky Collection, the Metropolitan Museum). The present picture dates about 1520.

 European Paintings
Medium: Oil on woodMetropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY

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