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Friday, August 11, 2017

The Speakeasy Three ♫ When I Get Low, I Get High

The Speakeasy Three
♫ When I Get Low, I Get High ♫

THE SPEAKEASY THREE are a vocal harmony group based in Brighton (UK) - they perform mostly as an a cappella trio but are joined here by members of THE SWING NINJAS for a cover version of WHEN I GET LOW, I GET HIGH the Chick Webb / Ella Fitzgerald classic (to be found on White Mink : Black Cotton Vol 1 - )
When I Get Low, I Get High
My fur coat's sold All this hard luck in this town has found me
Oh Lord ain't it cold Nobody knows what troubles 
But I'm not gonna holler are all around me
'cause I've still got a dollar
And when I get low Oh, I'm all alone
Oh, I get high With no one to pet me
My old rocking chair
My man walked out Ain't never gonna get me
Now you know that ain't right cause when I get low
Well he better watch out Oh, I get high
If I meet him tonight
I said when I get low When I get low
Oh, I get high Oh, I get high.

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