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Thursday, June 8, 2017

World Oceans Day - June 8
World Oceans Day is celebrated on 8th June every Year and its global day of ocean celebration and collaboration to develop and save oceans. World Oceans Day was officially recognized by the United Nations in 2008. The main focus of ocean day is to prevent oceans from plastic pollution. Oceans are covering almost 70% surface of the earth and playing an important role in generating oxygen, regulate climate, provide food and nutrients, in short we can say they are lungs of our planet.
Purpose Of Celebrating This Day
To educate everyone that oceans have major role in everyday life
To develop a worldwide movement of citizens for the ocean
To save the oceans from plastic pollution
To inform the public of the impact of human actions on the ocean 
Themes Of World Ocean Day
1. Our oceans, our future
2. Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet
3. Together we have the power to protect the ocean
4. Youth: the Next Wave for Change
5. Oceans of Life – Pick your favorite – Protect your favorite

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