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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Roy Orbison - Crying

Roy Orbison

Roy Orbison Crying
I was all right for awhileCan start me crying
I could smile for awhileI thought that I was over you
But I saw you last nightBut it's true, so true
You held my hand so tightI love you even more
As you stopped to say, "Hello"Than I did before
Oh, you wished me wellBut, darling, what can I do?
You, you couldn't tellFor you don't love me
That I'd been crying over youAnd I'll always be crying over you
Crying over youCrying over you
When you said, "So long"Yes, now you're gone
Left me standing all aloneAnd from this moment on
Alone and crying, cryingI'll be crying, crying
Crying, cryingCrying, crying
It's hard to understandYeah, crying, crying
But the touch of your handOver you
K.D. Lang & Roy Orbison
Roy Orbison - Crying
(Monument Concert 1965)

Roy Orbison's official live video for 'Crying' (Monument Concert 1965).
Click to listen to Roy Orbison on Spotify:
Roy Orbison and KD Lang
DUET - Crying
Lyrics - Eva (2011)

KD Lang - Crying
@ MTV Unplugged

<< A beautiful performance.  She has such a powerful voice and complete control over it. Thank you Canada for sharing her with us. >>
Regards, USA

k.d. Lang - Crying
Roy Orbison  Tribute 1990

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