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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Nature Gifs - New Favorite Thing

Reasons Why
Nature Gifs
Are Your New Favorite Thing
November 12, 2013  By Tom McDougall

Ever wish pictures of nature moved?
Of course you have. Me too. 
Luckily for us in this gif-filled world there are literally thousands of plucky gif-makers that are focused solely on creating mesmerizing nature gifs for our benefit. And, even more fortunate for us, there are the people of Reddit to collect them all together in a handy subreddit (/r/naturegifs – check it out).
So whether you’re in search of a quick distraction at work, a little bit of travel inspiration or you just want to be blown away, you might just find that nature gifs swiftly become your new favorite thing. 

Here are 16 reasons why

1. Boom! Because You Can See Epic Ice Explosions in the Arctic

Arctic nature gif
The Arctic may be little explored, but you can still find awesome gifs like this lurking around.

2. Because Arctic Foxes are Adorable, and You Didn’t Know Before
Baby fox nature gif D’awwww! Little guy just needed a nap.

3. Because Surfers are Rad
Surfer is Loco nature gif
As an Australian I always suspected surfers were rad, but this guy just confirmed that.

4. Because You Can Just Sit There and Watch the Sky
Nightfall nature gif
Watching the swathes of blue and pink wash over this sky could keep me entertained for hours.

5. Because Waterfalls Demand to be Seen in Motion

Waterfall nature gif

It’s just so… so watchable.

6. Because You Find Places You Didn’t Know Existed
Amazing Green River nature gif
These are the Raja Ampat islands in Indonesia, and they are now pretty high on my bucket list.

7. Because Sometimes, Ducks Just Relax You
Ducks at a lake nature gif
These ducks know how to relax and be at one with themselves. We need to remember how to do that sometimes, right?

8. Because Sunrises Always Cheer You Up
Sunrise beach nature gif
What better way to start your day than staring at this gif? Especially since winter is starting. Winter. Pah.

9. Because You Didn’t Know Cheetahs Loved the Camera
Cheetah nature gif
Incredible footage of animals close-up in the wild doesn’t come around every day. And who knew cheetahs could be s’darned cute?

10. Because the Sunset in the Desert Makes You Feel Like a Cowboy
Desert Sunset nature gif
Ok, maybe not quite like a cowboy since you’re sat at a desk somewhere, but still, it’s pretty nice.

11. Because the Angel Falls in Venezuela are Beguiling
Angel Falls sunset nature gifs
Beguiling, epic, mind-blowing… All the superlatives you can throw at a gif. Travel to Venezuela is something you can’t sum up in a picture, but a gif brings you ever-so-slightly closer.

12. Because the Ocean Never Fails to Make You Think
Calm waves nature gifs
Who needs to be stood on the beach for some serious self-reflection when you’ve got gifs to stare at like this?

13. Because the Northern Lights are Other-worldly
Northern lights nature gif
The Northern Lights are one of the spectacles on our earth that make me very aware that we live on a planet that obeys its own rules. It’s nice to be reminded by a gif, too.

14. Because Sloths
Sloth is chilling nature gif
No creature on earth is quite as joyful as the sloth. Look at him.

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