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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Space Debris 1957 - 2016

Space Debris
1957 - 2016

Over 40,000 man-made objects have been tracked in Earth orbit since 1957. Many of the objects have since burned up in the atmosphere and currently there are just over 17,000 trackable objects in orbit. Less than 10% of these active satellites.
This visualization, created by Dr Stuart Grey, lecturer at University College London, shows how the amount of space debris has changed since the dawn of the space age.
The tracking data covers objects over 10cm in size and is supplied by
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Space Debris 1957 - 2016
Episode 5
The story of space debris highlighting how the unintended consequences of intense spaceflight activity during the past 60 years has resulted in a growing population of debris objects that pose hazards to safe space navigation. In 2013, experts estimate that 29 000 objects larger than 10 cm were orbiting Earth.
Space Debris Story
European Space Agency, ESA

This video was produced for the 6th European Conference on Space Debris, 22-25 April 2013.

Solving the Space Debris Problem

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