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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Natural Phenomena You Won't Believe

10 Natural Phenomena
You Won't Believe Outdo The Movies

If you find nature amazing and have ever wondered about the most amazing natural phenomena in the world then this is the video for you. From Bioluminescent plankton to other amazing natural phenomenon here are ten natural phenomena that outdo the movies.

Here are ten natural phenomena that outdo the movies.

Bioluminescent Plankton
Perhaps one of the most magical experiences available on the planet, swimming or kayaking in a glowing sea that reacts to your movements is seriously cool. Microscopic plankton are responsible for the blue glowing waters in places like Mosquito Bay Puerto Rico, probably so-named in an attempt to keep tourists away.

Underwater Crop Circles
If you go diving during pufferfish mating season, you may happen upon some intricate, circular designs in the sand on the ocean floor. Tetradontidae, more commonly known as pufferfish are one of many species that undergo elaborate mating rituals that involve the building of structures. The male pufferfish swims along the sand creating rifts and ridges which together create a circular nest where the female can lay her eggs.

Fire Rainbows
So called because they often appear as rainbow coloured flames in the sky, these colourful phenomena are commonly believed to occur in the presence of large fires. The truth is that fire rainbows are not unlike normal rainbows, requiring nothing more than sun and clouds to appear.

No, that’s not a Tatooine sky, it’s just a sundog. Perfect sundog rings give the illusion that there is more than one sun in the sky, by causing two glaring lights to appear on either side of the sun.

The Christmas Island Crab Migration
If you thought the stampede scene from The Lion King was good, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The red crabs of Christmas Island live inland in the forest, but every year they migrate to the shore to mate. This is pretty typical of many species, but the red crabs are way more showy about it, migrating across a relatively small island by the tens of millions! This creates a saturation of the bright red animals, which move in what can appear to be sheets across both natural terrain and roads. And they do it with astonishing precision.

Spinning Ice Circles.
These look like something straight out of Narnia. Perfectly round discs of ice slowly spinning in otherwise still waters. For a long time people thought these phenomena were caused by subsurface eddies and currents, but researchers in Belgium recently discovered that the cause of these rotating river discs is density. Clusters of ice chunks form on the surface of the water. As they melt, the cold water running off of them becomes denser than the warmer water around it. Because of this difference in density, the colder water sinks straight down.

The Flowering Desert
The Atacama desert in Chile is one of the driest deserts on the planet and the plants that live there know it. Normal annual rainfall in the Atacama is a measly fifteen millimetres, but once every decade or so there is a downpour. And when the rains come, everybody takes advantage of it. It takes a lot of water to make a flower. A desert cactus normally needs to save up water until it has enough stored to create a bloom and hopefully get pollinated, so a desert downpour is kind of like a one day bonus level for chances to procreate. The sudden influx of water launches the desert flora into action and the blooms are abundant.

Honeypot Ants.
These insects may have been the inspiration for Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. Like other ant species, honeypot ants store food deep in their hills, but that is where the similarities stop because honeypot ants use their own workers as storage containers

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