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Monday, December 12, 2016

Simon Beck's Snow Art - Banff National Park

Simon Beck's Snow Art

Simon Beck is a snow artist who creates huge designs in the snow by simply walking in a pair of snowshoes. He believes that inspiration goes before motivation, and nature's perfect patterns inspire him to create something new every time out. 

This short documentary by Flash Studio follows Beck's preparations for a piece he did in Stryn, Norway, on a day of good snow. 

Watch and join him as he catches a first glimpse of a masterpiece that, after many steps and calculations, would most likely be covered in two days.

Simon Beck Walks Day and Night
To Complete his Incredible Designs 

ProjectSnow is a spectacularly beautiful, poignant video montage of ‘Snow Art’ in motion, which intimately captures the creative journey of internationally-acclaimed snow artist Simon Beck during his first artistic exploration of North America. #ProjectSnow tells the visual story of Beck’s magnificent imprints on the pristine, mountainous landscape of Banff National Park in Alberta's Canadian Rockies - his latest winter canvas.

Through fascinating, high-definition footage shot over many, many hours – amongst bright daylight and under starlight skies and astounding Northern Lights colour - #ProjectSnow illustrates the intense intricacy of Beck’s unique work within an innovative time-lapse format. The montage also features impressive ‘light drawing’ effects, highlighting Beck’s Snow Art masterpiece through LED lighting gently retracing the artist’s steps.

Simon Beck creates perfect, detailed geometrical designs using nothing more than a traditional compass, a map drawing and a pair of trusted snowshoes to make carefully-planned tracks in the snow. In February 2015, Beck used his distinctive artistic talents and passion for orienteering to design a series of snow art drawings especially for Banff National Park.

Beck’s #ProjectSnow art series included one huge-scale creation of a beautiful snowflake – his largest-sized drawing to date - which he composed on the majestic Peyto Lake, surrounded by dramatic mountain peaks. Taking over six hours to stomp out in the snow, the design was 450 metres in size, from tip to tip. Beck then continued to take his awe of witnessing the Canadian Rockies for the very first time as inspiration to create drawings for two of Banff National Park’s downhill ski areas. A howling wolf, playing tribute to the National Park and its wild inhabitants, was created at Lake Louise Ski Resort as well as a detailed maple leaf drawing at Sunshine Village – perfectly symbolizing Beck’s first visit to Canada.
For further information on #ProjectSnow, see:
#ProjectSnow & #MyBanff

Cinematography by Doug Urquhart & Justin Majeczky
Music by James Everingham


One Man’s Walk in the Snow
Creates a Giant Masterpiece

Simon Beck Snow Art Film, tournée à Bettmeralp en partie lors du tournage de l'émission pour enfants Kika Live animée par Ben et Jess diffusée sur les chaînes allemandes ARD et ZDF.

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