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Monday, October 24, 2016

Microsoft HoloLens: Actiongram

Microsoft HoloLens

Actiongram delivers an eclectic mix of holograms that enables new forms of storytelling. Stage your own video creations by moving, resizing, rotating, and recording these holograms in your home, and then share those videos with your friends.


We spent 90 minutes with the HoloLens


Microsoft HoloLens:
Galaxy Explorer Ep. 6 - Coming to Life
In Episode 6, the team finishes the last week of development, prepares for two weeks of polish work, and reflects on the progress they’ve made. Stay tuned for the full release of the source code for Galaxy Explorer.


Microsoft HoloLens - Possibilities
We envisioned a world where technology could become more personal. Where it could adapt to the natural ways we communicate, learn, and create. 
The result is the world's most advanced holographic computing platform, enabled by Windows 10. Transform your world with holograms.

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