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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

“Machina” by Claudia Hart

“Machina” (2008)
by Claudia Hart

Framed digital art piece is a 3D animation of a sleeping female nude subject in the classical pose of Venus / Odalisque - a two minute example of the twenty minute work:

“Machina” is a 3D animation portraying the compressed time and space of painting, shows a dreaming character whose slow, drowsy movements articulate all of the minutia of a single moment. “

Machina” uses the most advanced techniques of virtual reality simulation, and a series of animations that result in a representation that is sensual and organic.
Occasionally, Machina opens her eyes to gaze at the viewer, in a moment of transformation, allowing the object of our gaze to subject us to hers. 

Based loosely on works such as Titian′s Venus and paintings by the Baroque artist Peter Paul Rubens, “Machina” is meant to introduce sensuality into the virtual realm by employing an idea of beauty as defined by a woman.

Video Link | PK Link

"Machina" (2008) by Claudia Hart from bitforms gallery
 on Vimeo.

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