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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

NYC Nurse Behind Powerful Protest Picture

NYC Nurse Behind Powerful Protest Picture
who traveled to Baton Rouge to march
for ‘a better future for her son’
speaks out after night in jail

By  Chris Pleasance and Jenny Stanton For July  10, 2016
  • Woman who was captured in iconic arrest photo from Baton Rouge has been revealed as 28-year-old Ieshia Evans
  • Evans, a licensed practical nurse and mother to a five-year-old son, was attending her first protest on Saturday
  • Friends told that she was arrested as police tried to push demonstrators back from their building
  • Evans found their actions unjust, as the protest was peaceful, so crossed her arms and stared them down
  • She was held for 24 hours but has now been released and is recovering in a hotel room before traveling home

It is the photo seen around the world: A young woman in a flowing dress standing with her arms crossed facing down a line of heavily armed police while two armored officers rush forward to put her in handcuffs.

A picture of an unarmed young black woman in a long dress, standing calmly in front of two police officers in full riot gear who arrest her during a Black Lives Matter protest has awed social media. Users called the image “legendary” and “symbolic.”    

The powerful photo was taken by Reuters photographer Jonathan Bachman during the Black Lives Matter rally in the city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. People had gathered to protest police brutality following the shooting of African-American Alton Sterling.

It’s a photo that is being labeled “iconic” and “legendary,” and will more than likely serve as an anchor in the modern civil rights movement.

“I photographed someone arguing with an officer and then I looked over my shoulder and saw her there and she had every intention of not moving,” Bachman told BuzzFeed News. “She just stood there and made her stand. I was just happy to be able to capture something like that.”
If you ever had to wonder what it means to fearlessly exude Black Girl Magic, here you go.

Ieshia Evans, 28, a mother and licensed practical nurse from New York, who was attending her first protest when she was arrested.

Natasha Haynes said Evans, a lifelong friend, traveled to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, following the shooting of Alton Sterling because she 'wanted a better future for her five-year-old son’.

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Whatever way you look at it, she wins


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