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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Prometheus Actually Explained (With Real Answers)

Actually Explained
(With Real Answers)

Here are MANY questions we gathered from the internet with MANY real answers about the movie Prometheus! We recommend watching the full video for effect, but in which case you're impatient, there are timecodes in the description. 

Spoiler warning.

Most, if not all the answers come straight from the movie itself. We only used websites, interviews, and Fox's marketing campaign in order to back-up and prove our statements. The answers are in the movie! So, no, you don't need to read interviews and visit websites to fully understand the movie. There were other things in the movie left unexplained on purpose to create mystery. That goes strongly with the theme of the movie. Who created us and why are we here? There is no definitive answer to that question.

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In which case you're impatient, here are the timecodes
01:17 Damon Lindelof 14:07 Millburn and Fifield
01:44 Ties to Alien 14:49 Why are people so stupid?
02:02 Finding the cave painting 16:20 What is the sparkly green goo?
02:14 The trillion dollar project 16:33 The hologram aliens
03:30 Old Guy Weyland 17:39 Room with the big head
04:38 The title Prometheus 18:18 Black goo leaking and murals
05:05 Vickers and Weyland 18:33 Why did the engineer head explode?
05:52 Why is the medpod for males only? 18:52 How are we a 100% DNA match?
06:09 Is Vickers a robot? 19:25 What is the black goo?
07:11 A giant falling spaceship and logic 19:37 What was the snake?
07:33 Is Vickers dead? 19:40 What was the thing in Holloway's eye?
07:50 How can David read dreams? 20:03 What does the black goo do?
08:36 Why is Holloway a jerk to David? 20:32 How did Janek know the black goo was WMD?
08:52 What is David eating and why? 20:50 Space Jesus
09:20 Why did David take the canister of goo? 21:18 Is LV-223 a bible verse?
09:42 Infecting Holloway with black goo 22:38 Why do engineers want to kill us?
10:47 Is David doing A HAL9000? 23:11 Why is there an xenomorph on the wall?
10:54 Shaw's Caesarean 23:40 Why did the engineers create us?
11:41 What does David say to the Engineer? 25:02 What is the mural?
12:30 How did David know how to fly the ship? 25:24 What was the opening scene about?
13:08 Why does Shaw trust David? 25:49 Was that on Earth?
13:25 Where do they go at the end? 25:58 What did the engineer drink?
13:38 Why does the xenomorph look different? 26:05 How/Why did engineers leave maps?

26:29 Did the engineers want us to visit them?

Incredible Visual Effects of Prometheus

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