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Saturday, December 26, 2015

These photos prove that 2015 wasn’t that bad after all

These Photos
Prove that 2015
Wasn’t that Bad After All
Our life is made up of different moments. Some of these moments are good and stay in our memory forever. Unfortunately, other moments can taint this happiness, which is why it’s important to always stay strong and believe that everything will be alright. 

Bright Side decided to sum up this year and put together 20 photos that make us believe in humanity and prove that the year 2015 was full of light and kindness. 

The world is fine as long as we have teachers like this
Professor Sydney Engelberg was taking care of a student’s baby in classes without stopping his lecture. 
The baby calmed down right away.

When humanity is worth more than celebration
24-year-old Fethullah and 20-year-old Esra spent all the money given to them for their wedding on feeding the homeless.

All children find their home
A policeman from Russia, Sergei Sharauhov, rescued two children and later adopted them.

Every life counts
A man stops traffic to let a family of ducks cross the road.

We know that everything will be OK
With this funny game, the hospital workers help children to fear surgeries less.

We don’t forget about those who live by our side
62-year-old Sekar from Channai wakes up at 4 am everyday to make food for 4000 parrots and put it in front of his house.

We make dreams come true
Policemen took this 13-year-old blind boy, Gage Hancock-Stevens, on a patrol. He always dreamt about it.

Loyalty is mutual
This elderly man walks his old dog every day, although the dog can barely walk.

When children are not afraid of strangers
This boy is offering a glass of water to a policeman during a hot day.

As long as love exists
Over the past 50 years Tom and Arnisteen never spent a day apart, until they got into a hospital and ended up in different rooms. The hospital workers learned about that and found a way for Tom to visit his wife.

When doing good is not difficult
When a senior citizen spent the whole day cleaning his side walk from snow, the paramedics took him to the hospital. Later they came back to his house in order to finish what the man was doing.

Experience is passed from generation to generation
This senior citizen is helping a stranger in the subway. He is showing how to tie a tie.

The little ones are safe
This kind of crosswalks exist in London. People came up with these crosswalks for ducks, so the animals don’t get injured on the streets.

Any person has a right to look good
27-year-old Nasir Sobhani aka ‘The Streets Barber’ is a barber.  6 days a week he gives haircuts in a salon, and the 7th day he spends on the streets of Melbourne. He offers his services to the homeless people.

They know they will be rescued
This man buys turtles that people catch for cooking, and lets them out in the wild.

All warmed up
You can see these jackets all over Canada. These are not ’lost and found’. People put these jackets up for those who need warm winter clothes.

Kindness doesn’t depend on age
This little girl was growing her hair out, in order to donate it to children who have cancer.

We are not afraid to take on responsibility
Jeff Longo found this tiny animal during his walk. The animal turned out to be a little squirrel. Although Jeff didn’t have any idea on how to raise a squirrel, he learned and took care of the animal.

Children have a happy childhood
A 6-year-old autistic boy Glenn Buratti decided to celebrate his Birthday, but nobody showed up to his celebration. His mom wrote about this situation on Facebook, and in a few hours policemen and firemen came to congratulate the kid.

The most important thing is to be kind from the heart
Heart surgeon is calming down a girl before a difficult surgery.

Friday, December 25, 2015

What A Wonderful World

What A Wonderful World
David Attenborough

Planet Earth
"What a Wonderful World" 
by Louie Armstrong

What will we do to It... ?

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Minuit Chrétiens - Christmas in Vienna 2013

Minuit Chrétiens
Christmas in Vienna 2013

Ursula Langmayr; Joel Prieto
ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien; 
Dirigent: Erwin Ortner

Noel Peace

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